About Me

I love the creative process and as I get older, my need to be creative increases. I have been interested in drawing ever since I can remember. As a young boy, I couldn't wait for the weekly TV GUIDE to arrive at our house. You may wonder what importance the TV GUIDE has to someone interested in art. Well, the TV GUIDE back then used to contain an ad by an art correspondence school. In the ad, there was a line drawing of a deer named 'Blinky.' According to the ad, if you drew Blinky and sent in your drawing, the school would evaluate it and tell you if you had a future as an artist. I sent in several drawings but never received an answer. I was devastated and gave up drawing for a long time (a few decades). My interest in art never completely left me, but, my life as an artist almost ended prematurely because of my experience with that little deer.

My Second Career

Ultimately, I developed an interest in painting and digital art which has become my passion. Being an artist and a digital artist is my second career. My long-standing interest in art transformed into a skill and continued to develop after I was diagnosed with parkinsons disease and retired as a professor and scientist. My art is an expression of myself and helps me cope with the disease. My view of the world is bursting with life and vitality. This view is elective and insures that my positive outlook remains intact.

My Artwork

My paintings/digital art images are filled with bold, rich colors. I also see beauty in mundane subjects. What many see everyday and walk by with barely a glance are my favorite subjects. My art includes landscapes, portraits, still life and other realistic elements as well as non-representational art or abstracts. My work has been described as "dazzling and energetic."